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NAVY SEAL’S MATCH Available Now!

1 May

Dear Reader,

It’s here! Navy SEAL’s Match is on shelves now! I’ve been looking forward to introducing Gavin and Mavis for a long time. Writing their story was such a rewarding experience and I’m thrilled I finally get to share it with you. The virtual book tour for Navy SEAL’s Match will begin in June so stay tuned for tour stops and contests. It is available at Harlequin, Amazon and wherever ebooks are sold for $4.49. The mass market paperback is available at Harlequin and Amazon for $5.59!


Now Available

He believes he can’t be saved—she’ll prove him wrong!

Former SEAL Gavin Savitt always knew who he was—until his last deployment ended tragically. Now he’s home, his mind hijacked by trauma and the shadow of his once-perfect sight. Yet in this new hazy, unclear world, one person stands out—Mavis Bracken.

There are a million reasons why Gavin shouldn’t be with Mavis, including that she’s his best friend’s little sister. Yet he longs for her touch, her freckles and her special way with wild, skittish beasts like him. He just needs the courage to take his life back. And Mavis won’t let him give up without a fight.

I’ll be posting excerpts, snippets and vid-blogs throughout the next week so be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Tour info will be posted as soon as it is available!

Happy reading,

Amber Leigh

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