RT Book Reviews: 4-1/2 STARS – “Williams’ quirky characters and excellent descriptions make this book a stand-out. She manages to make Fairhope seem like a charming small town, and it’s occupants are fun in their individuality. Additionally, the sexual tension between Olivia and Gerald will have readers fanning themselves.”



RT Book Reviews: 4 STARS – “Great description and engaging characters make this story an entertaining read. Cole is nicely developed and his despair over losing his son and Briar’s worry over the potential loss of her inn are both well drawn. The secondary characters, such as Briar’s tenants, are also quite fun and nicely crafted.”

Western Romance


Author Donna Marie Rogers: “This story is absolute perfection! From the beautiful setting to the well thought out plot to one of the sexiest heroes I’ve had the pleasure to read in a long time. I loved everything about this story. My only complaint is that it was too short…I wanted it to go on and on! And I’ll never be able to hear that silly phrase “I tapped that” without laughing myself sick. Sexy, funny, and wonderfully heartwarming, Blackest Heart is a definite keeper. And the best part? There’s two more stories in this incredible series featuring Stella’s yummy brothers!”

Long & Short Reviews: “In this touching contemporary story, when a young actress returns home following a car accident that has left her scarred she finds healing and love in the arms of a quiet cowboy… Blackest Heart is a wonderful story with characters that will touch the heart and I for one am glad I got the chance to read it.”

The Romance Studio: “The tensions and conflicts with others made the couple seem even more real. The sensuality was super charged and dynamic. I could not put this book down. It was mesmerizing to read. I truly enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it to everyone.”

Author Marguerite Arotin: “Stella Ridge discovers that home sweet home and the arms of a strong, quiet cowboy are just what she needs to get her life and heart going again in Amber Leigh Williams’s fantastic Wayback tale- Blackest Heart. With a wonderful cast of supporting characters, including Stella’s adorable brothers, Stella and Judd will warm your heart and make you believe in the wonder of sweet homecomings.”

Writers & Readers of Distinctive Fiction: “I’m not a great western/cowboy fan myself but this story went a long way towards converting me. Ms. Williams has a good writing style; polished and confident, and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future. Definitely recommended.”

Western Romance


Long & Short Reviews: “Bluest Heart is a romance that inspires feel-good tingles in all the right places. Author Amber Leigh Williams has created a story with characters readers are bound to adore and remember. What a fantastic story! Ms. Williams managed to snare my heart and wretch every bit of emotion possible from it. Tightly written and hits the emotions like a freight train. Cowboy fans will love Bluest Heart, and if they are anything like me, will make a direct trip to The Wild Rose Press to purchase the preceding story, Blackest Heart. Don’t miss out on this one, folks. You get romance, heartache, and a whole lot of making up for lost time.”

Author Karen Michelle Nutt: “Casey Ridge is a cowboy who knows what he wants and he wants Josie Brusky. However, a shattering past may keep them apart. I loved this story of passion, forgiveness and the need to let the past go to have a future. Ms. Williams ropes you in from the start with her hunky cowboys of Wayback and her spitfire heroines. What are you waiting for? Fall in love with Ridge family. You won’t regret it.”

Western Romance


Long & Short Reviews: “Fantastic writing, sizzling dialogue, and an unforgettable story make Bet It On My Heart a must read. Be sure to pencil this title onto your TBR list for some quality time in the reading chair. I can’t wait for more in this series, as well as anything from the library of Ms. Williams, who has become one of my must read authors. She wrings every single emotion possible from your heart, only to put the pieces back together again with a shiny red bow. It’s an emotional journey that leaves one heck of an impression, which is what every fantastic romance should strive for.”

Author Karen Michelle Nutt: “Keefe Ridge is a bronc-busting cowboy, who is on his way out. His plans for the future: a dream business. This wild cowboy’s plans don’t include settling down, but when he meets a city woman, Agent Calli Morlani, his pledge starts to falter. Agent Calli Morlani came to Wayback to bring Stella Ridge back to Hollywood. Simple task. Who in their right mind would chose a small town in nowhere-land over the bigger-than-life Hollywood? Calli is about to learn the answer, but it’s not what she expected. Ms. Williams has done it again creating a tantalizing tale of romance by welcoming you home to meet the Ridge family.”

Night Owl Romance: “Keefe and Calli are two people definitely so opposite from each yet the same in so many ways. They may see from different sides of the world but Wayback has a way of bringing to soul mates together. Amber Leigh did a beautiful job in bringing other characters to life like Stella and Keefe’s brothers. This was definitely a great story and can’t wait for more from this talented author.”

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