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22 May

DWEBSITEear Reader,


So I took a break from social media to mull over the news last week from the Harlequin beehive that the line I’ve been actively writing for for 3 years – Superromance – will soon be discontinued. I’d like to acknowledge, too, the other series’ that will be ending in 2018. Those include Love Inspired Historical, Harlequin Western, Kimani Romance, and Harlequin Nocturne. It’s difficult enough having to swallow Superromance’s fate. I have a favorites shelf dedicated solely to Harlequin novels, novelettes, and anthologies. As a reader, these were some of my favorite series. Jillian Hart’s Homespun Bride, a Love Inspired Historical, remains one of my favorite romance novels of all time. I think of the noteworthy authors who got their starts in these lines and the talented writers and editors who remain and I share other authors and readers’ feelings of sadness and disappointment.


However, after reading many readers’ reactions to the news, I wanted to offer a big silver lining. None of these lines will be ending until mid to late 2018. That means there are plenty more books to read from each. Superromance, Harlequin Western and Love Inspired Historical won’t be discontinued until June 2018 with Kimani Press and Harlequin Nocturne to follow in December 2018. Superromance publishes 4 books a month. If I’m doing my math correctly, that means between now and then, 52 Superromance novels will be published, including 2 of my own. I recently completed edits on my 5th Superromance novel, Navy SEAL Promise, which will be published in October this year and am busy writing my 6th and final book of the series. My Superromance editor informed me last week that it will be published in May 2018.


I speak as both a Harlequin author and reader. If you love these lines like I know many of you do, support the authors as well as the editors. Buy as many of them as you can. These five series alone offer wonderful range under the romance umbrella. There’s something for everyone and they’re affordable. As a reader, you can’t go wrong. As an author, I cannot be more proud to call myself a member of the Superromance family.


Happy reading!

P.S. For more about the Superromance brand and books, visit Harlequin.com or meet the authors at the Super Authors blog!

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